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The Greek Pitcher Restaurant is located in one of the oldest streets of Szentendre, at the bottom of Greek Street leading from the Main Square to the Danube Promenade. The street (and later the restaurant) was built in the 17th century. At the end of the 19th century, before the Turkish conquest, it received a large number of the Greek population settling in Szentendre. The restaurant opened in 1961, when the city began to prepare for tourism and hospitality. It was then that the painter Imre Szánthó (1925-1998) was asked to make the sign and the interior decoration. It was at this time that a fresco depicting the view of Szentendre can still be seen in the interior.


  • “We had an excellent and unforgettable experience spending every lunch, and since then "Muszaka" is one of my nicknames.”

    — Zé

  • “Every summer we return guests to the Greek pitcher restaurant with excellent restaurant service .”

    — Kilih

  • “The service was polite, fast and precise, the food was majestically delicious and a great portion ..”

    — Andrea

  • “My girlfriends and I ate very well here, it was a generous portion of food and delicious. The quality of service was also outstanding ..”

    — Hajnalka

Summer Menu

We have been working for more than 60 years to leave our guests satisfied.
Péter Szalai

You can view our Feldobox menu on this link.


  • Tzatziki

    Cucumber salad with yoghurt and pita.

    2390 Ft.
  • Melitzano

    Homemade aubergine cream with fresh vegetables and pita.

    2990 Ft.
  • Dolmades

    Szőlőlevélbe csomagolt fűszeres rizs tzatzikivel és pitával.

    2990 Ft.
  • Greek appetizer for two

    Dolmades, aubergine cream, feta cheese, olives, giant beans, pita.

    4990 Ft.


  • Homemade chicken soup

    2590 Ft.
  • Tomato & Oyster Mushroom Soup With Chilli and Feta cheese.

    2590 Ft.
  • Lamb Soup in Loaf.

    2990 Ft.
  • Gazpacho

    Cold tomato soup with mozzarella

    2590 Ft.
  • Cold greek fruit soup

    2590 Ft.

Greek and Mediterranean Main Courses

  • Gyros Plate Chicken/Tenderloin/Lamb

    Gyros Plate with Tzatziki, Greek Salad and frenchfries with pita.

    5490 Ft./7890 Ft./7890 Ft.
  • Souvlaki Chicken

    Chicken on Stick with Greek Salad, Tzatziki and Chips Potatoes with pita

    6290 Ft.
  • Mousaka

    Minced Beef Meat with Aubergine & Bechamel.

    5890 Ft.
  • Rolled pork in bacon wrap

    Rolled pork in bacon wrap, stuffed with feta cheese, served with oven roasted potato.

    6590 Ft.
  • Köfte

    Minced beef and lamb, ajvar cream, steak logs, tzatziki, with red onion and pita.

    6590 Ft.
  • Roasted chicken with Dijon mustard crust

    Roasted chicken with Dijon mustard crust, rice and fresh salad.

    5590 Ft.
  • Greek “Kalmár” plate for two.

    15890 Ft.
  • Falafel

    Falafel with fresh salad, yogurt dressing and pita

    5490 Ft.
  • Lamb shank

    With Greek salad, roasted potatoes and Lyon onion

    7990 Ft.
  • Homemade ratatouille

    Hausgemachtes Ratatouille mit Wurst, Eiern und Kichererbsen.

    4490 Ft.

Fish Courses

  • Grilled white shrimps

    Grilled white shrimps with quinoa and fresh mixed salad.

    5990 Ft.
  • Grilled salmon steak

    Grilled salmon steak with vegetables and white wine-butter sauce.

    7290 Ft.
  • Oyster roasted on garlic and chili

    Oyster roasted on garlic and chili, served with toasted pita.

    5590 Ft.
  • Calamari

    With fresh garden salad, potato chips, sweet chili sauce

    6390 Ft.


  • Horiatiki

    Greek Salad with Pita bread.

    3690 Ft.
  • Grilled haloumi

    Green salad with olive dressing

    5690 Ft.
  • Rosé duck breast slices

    Rosé duck breast slices on green salad, with pears and cashew

    5790 Ft.
  • Homemade mixed pickles.

    890 Ft.


  • Homemade Baklava.

    1790 Ft.
  • Homemade cottage cheese dumplings.

    2490 Ft.
  • Apple pie with vanilla ice cream

    2290 Ft.
  • Strawberry cheesecake with vanilla ice cream

    2190 Ft.


  • Sparkling Water 0,33

    690 Ft.
  • Still Water 0,33

    690 Ft.
  • Greek Still Water 0,5l

    850 Ft.
  • Fruit juices 0,25 (Tropicana)

    Apple, Peach, Orange

    750 Ft.
  • Carbonated drinks 0,25

    Pepsi, Pepsi Black, Schweppes Orange, 7up, Tonic, Ginger

    750 Ft.
  • Energy drink 0,25

    Red Bull

    1290 Ft.
  • Homemade Lemonade 4dl

    Citrus, Red-Currant, Sour Cherry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Elderberry

    1490 Ft.
  • Homemade Syrup 4dl

    Citrus, Red-Currant, Sour Cherry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Elderberry

    1090 Ft.
  • Dreher Classic 0,3l

    790 Ft.
  • Dreher Classic 0,5l

    1290 Ft.
  • Dreher Bak Brown bootled 0,5l

    1290 Ft.
  • Dreher Lemon bootled 0,33l

    1090 Ft.
  • Mythos Greek Beer bootled 0,3l

    1490 Ft.
  • Pilsner bootled 0,3l

    1090 Ft.
  • Cherry Beer 0,25l

    1790 Ft.
  • Alcohol free Dreher (0,5%) 0,33l

    1090 Ft.
  • HB Weiss bootled 0,33l

    1290 Ft.
  • Peroni Capri 0,33l

    1290 Ft.
  • Mojito

    2590 Ft.
  • Greek Mojito

    2590 Ft.
  • Pina Colada

    2590 Ft.
  • Aperol Spritz

    2790 Ft.
  • Hugo Spritz

    2790 Ft.
  • Alcohol free cocktails

    1990 Ft.
  • Espresso

    790 Ft.
  • Cappucchino

    1090 Ft.
  • Caffé latte

    1190 Ft.
  • Iced coffe

    1690 Ft.
  • Our coffees are available in lactose-free and almond milk versions for a surcharge of HUF 300.

  • Italian teas

    1190 Ft.
  • Hot chocolate

    990 Ft.


You can reach us here at any time!


  • 2000 Szentendre,
    Dunakorzó 15.
  • 26/303-178
  • Opening hours: Monday - Sunday 10:00 - 22:00
  • In our restaurant we also accept cash, credit cards and OTP szép card!